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InstaPot Low FODMAP Turkey Lentil Chili

InstaPot Low FODMAP Turkey Lentil Chili

My InstaPot has been my favorite new cooking tool to get acquainted with, and one of the first recipes I’ve created with it has been this InstaPot Low FODMAP Turkey Lentil Chili. I wanted a new take on my Low FODMAP Butternut Squash Chili, so 

The Low FODMAP Diet and Pregnancy

The Low FODMAP Diet and Pregnancy

I’m pregnant with our first baby and I thought I’d share some information on how to navigate the low FODMAP diet while pregnant. Since I just started my third trimester, I’ve had a lot of experience of managing my food intolerances and food allergies during 

Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oatmeal

Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oatmeal

Lately I’ve been in the mood for a hearty, quick breakfast and slow cooker oatmeal is just the thing to make that happen. Healthy, hearty, and filling, you can really make this recipe into any variation you like, which means I never get sick of it!

It’s the perfect low FODMAP breakfast option for busy mornings, or mornings when I’m just feeling particularly lazy.

Better yet? I can use pantry and freezer ingredients. In this time of staying home and using our pantry, this has been a lifesaver. Especially when there was a time where we couldn’t get eggs and I really needed a protein-filled breakfast!

Slow cooker oatmeal

How to Make Slow Cooker Oatmeal

I like to make this oatmeal overnight. It makes it super easy and there is just something wonderful about waking up and knowing your healthy, delicious breakfast is just waiting for you!

I usually smile and thank night-before-me for coming up with such a great idea. Because, I mean there is really nothing better.

I start with a 1 quart slow cooker. Since it’s just my husband and I, this is more than enough. Have a bigger family? You could easy double this recipe and make it in a full-size slow cooker with no problem!

low FODMAP breakfast

Fill the slow cooker with the steel cut oats, water and a pinch of salt. Set on low and let it sit overnight.

As soon as you wake up, turn it down to Keep Warm. This should be about 8 hours. If it hasn’t been 8 hours, my sincerest apologies that you did not get enough sleep last night, go pour yourself a steaming hot cup of coffee, and then turn it to “Keep Warm” after it’s been 8 hours.

low FODMAP slow cooker oatmeal

Next, it’s time to put in your add-ins. For this recipe I added cinnamon, ground ginger, brown sugar and frozen blueberries.

To make sure all of the flavorings have a chance to combine, I let it sit after adding in these ingredients for 15 minutes. Then it’s time to enjoy!


There are many different ways you can change this slow cooker steel cut oatmeal up so you don’t get bored! Or, you may just enjoy these flavors more. For each of these variations, replace the cinnamon, ground ginger and blueberries with these ingredients (keep the sugar). Here are some low-FODMAP steel cut oatmeal add-ins you could try:

slow cooker steel cut oatmeal
  • Berries and vanilla: You could change the berries by using mixed berries, strawberries, raspberries, or a mixture of any of these.
  • Banana and peanut butter: As long as you are using a less-ripe banana and only using 1/3 of it, this version would still be low-FODMAP.
  • Coconut milk and pineapple: Go for a tropical theme with this one!
  • Pumpkin Spice: Keep the cinnamon and ginger in the original recipe, add 1/4 tsp of ground nutmeg, and add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin.

To Sum it Up

So when you are in the need for a quick, healthy and filling breakfast, try this pantry-friendly low-FODMAP slow cooker oatmeal. I have all of these ingredients on hand in my pantry, so it’s been the perfect thing to make for breakfast as we need to use more of our pantry to cook.

low FODMAP slow cooker oatmeal

These trying, unprecedented times can make for a lot of stress and anxiety. Having to feed your family, especially if you’re trying to cook out of your pantry, can be exceedingly difficult. Make life easier on yourself and blow them all away with a breakfast they will really enjoy!

And just remember…when you wake up, this slow cooker steel cut oatmeal will already be warm and waiting for you! I promise you’ll thank night-before you profusely!

Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oatmeal

An overnight oatmeal recipe using the slow cooker and pantry ingredients. Gluten-free, dairy-free and low-FODMAP

Course Breakfast
Keyword dairy-free, dairy-free breakfast, gluten-free, gluten-free breakfast, low FODMAP breakfast, low FODMAP oatmeal, oatmeal, slow cooker, slow cooker breakfast, slow cooker oatmeal, steel cut oats
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 8 hours 15 minutes
Total Time 8 hours 25 minutes
Servings 6 servings


  • 1 cup steel cut oats
  • 4 cups water
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ground ginger
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries


  1. Add the steel cut oats and water to the crockpot. Stir to combine. Cook in the crockpot on low for 8 hours or overnight.

  2. After the cooking time, set the crockpot to "Keep Warm". Add the remainder of the ingredients- spices, salt, sugar and blueberries.

  3. Let sit, covered, for 15 minutes for all of the flavors to incorporate.

  4. Spoon your serving into a bowl. Top with dairy-free milk, chopped nuts, more blueberries or eat it the way it is!

Recipe Notes

**If you would like to make a larger portion of this, simply double the recipe.  To do this, you will need a full-size slow cooker instead of a smaller one.

**If you do not have a 1 quart slow cooker, you could easily do this in a regular size slow cooker.  

**Leftovers can be put into muffin tins, flash frozen, and then frozen for 2-3 months in a freezer bag.  Or you can simply refrigerate them and reheat with some dairy-free milk to make them creamy again.

Low FODMAP Roasted Carrots and Radishes

Low FODMAP Roasted Carrots and Radishes

Spring has finally sprung here in Upstate New York (kind of…) and I’m craving spring vegetables, like these low FODMAP roasted carrots and radishes. This spring clearly isn’t going the way any of us were planning. My husband and I have been home now since 

Roasted BBQ Chicken Grain Bowl

Roasted BBQ Chicken Grain Bowl

A Roasted BBQ Chicken Grain Bowl to fill you up and warm you up on these chilly February nights! You’ll find the flavors of summer mixed with the style food you’re craving in the winter, without the guilt. Better yet, you can change it up 

Low-FODMAP Healthy Burrito Bowl

Low-FODMAP Healthy Burrito Bowl

One of my husband’s favorite meals is tacos, which is why I created this low-FODMAP burrito bowl recipe.  I needed a little variation on the regular “tacos” we have weekly, and I wanted to make them a little healthier.

It’s the start of the year, and that means we all want to get back to eating healthy.  You don’t normally think of tacos when you think of healthy food, but these homemade burrito bowls are healthy and filling in all the right ways.

low-FODMAP burrito bowl recipe

One healthy substitution I make is the brown rice instead of the taco shell.  This adds a little fiber and gets rid of some of the empty carbohydrates.

I also use ground turkey in place of ground beef.  This isn’t necessarily just for healthy reasons (I’m allergic to beef, I have no choice…) but it definitely adds the benefit of a healthier cut of meat.  You won’t even miss it once the taco seasoning goes on.

When eating healthy, I do like to cut out processed foods for the most part.  In this recipe you will see that I forego the cheddar cheese. Vegan cheddar cheese is made of nothing but processed foods, so I tend to cut back on that to eat healthy, using it just for a treat.

Here’s how I make the burrito bowls.

**Any products that I have mentioned and linked are solely my own opinions. I am not paid to promote them, I just find them to be the most useful and want to share them with you!**

low-FODMAP burrito bowl recipe

How To Make the Burrito Bowls

To begin with, cook 1 cup of brown rice according to the instructions on the package. I used boil-in-a-bag rice to make this a little more convenient, but you could use the regular bag, microwave packages, or even frozen rice for this recipe. Just choose your favorite.

Next, make the seasoned ground turkey. In a medium-sized skillet, brown the ground turkey with olive oil, salt and pepper. Cook until the ground turkey is fully browned. Then add your favorite low-FODMAP taco seasoning, water, and cook until saucy and combined. I go into more detail on the taco seasonings below.

Prepare the vegetables. While everything is cooking, you will want to get your toppings ready. This is where your creativity and tastes can come in. For my version, I used diced red pepper, diced grape tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and scallions (green parts only).

If you want to make it a little spicier, and can handle that, add some diced jalapenos or pickled jalapenos. You could add other types/colors of pepper, corn (depending on your tolerance), or even shredded carrots for a little sweetness.

healthy burrito bowl recipe

Create your burrito bowl. Now is the time to create your bowl. Begin by spooning rice in the bottom of your bowl. Top that with a generous amount of the ground turkey mixture and any vegetables you would like. I prefer to leave my lettuce for close to last so it doesn’t get soggy.

To keep this healthy, you will see I did a small dollop of dairy-free sour cream, and that was it. I didn’t add any cheese because I wanted to keep this from being too processed.

Besides these ingredients, I also added a little of the FODY low-FODMAP salsa and FODY low-FODMAP taco sauce. Just a dribble of these goes a long way in adding flavor and very little fat.

Low-FODMAP Taco Seasoning

Unfortunately, when it comes to pre-made seasonings that are low-FODMAP, the options are few and far between.

If you want a quick and easy option, go for the FODY taco seasoning. I am able to find it at my local Wegmans (woo!!) but you can also order it online through FODY or on Amazon. I will say, it’s more expensive on Amazon for sure.

low-FODMAP taco seasoning

If you want to a more affordable route (and more convenient if you can’t get them at your local store), you can always make your own. Most of the time I make my own because burritos and burrito bowl nights are usually pantry nights for us. I’ve modified a regular recipe, double or triple the recipe, and keep it in a mason jar in my pantry (ahh the mason jars…how I love thee.)

Here’s what is in mine:

  • 1 tbsp chili powder
  • 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes (optional depending on heat level you want)
  • 1/2 tsp oregano
  • 1 1/2 tsp paprika
  • 1 tbsp cumin
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp gluten-free flour

I usually double or triple this for my jar, and then add about 2 tablespoons per pound of meat that I am cooking.

Some other great low-FODMAP taco mix recipes are:

low-fodmap healthy burrito bowl


It is important to be aware of the quantities of ingredients that are low-FODMAP. Here are the quantities of the ingredients in this recipe:

  • Brown Rice: FODMAPS were not detected in this food.
  • Red Pepper: FODMAPS were not detected in this food.
  • Cherry Tomatoes: The low-FODMAP serving size is 5 cherry tomatoes, which is more than enough for your one bowl.
  • Lettuce: It depends on what you are using. Iceberg lettuce is usually the burrito bowl choice, which only has trace amounts. Leaf lettuce has no FODMAPs detected, and the low-FODMAP serving size for romaine is 2 cups. You are pretty safe with whatever lettuce is your favorite!

**All low-FODMAP information was obtained using the Monash University App for the low-FODMAP diet. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing it!!***

burrito bowl recipe

To Sum It Up

Well there you have it- another scrumptious low-FODMAP meal that is healthy yet filling. When most people think of healthy, they think of boring and bland. That is the opposite of what healthy food needs to be.

In this recipe, the healthy substitutions we made were brown rice for the taco shell, no cheese, and ground turkey for ground beef (unless you’re allergic to beef, like me, then this is just a necessary substitution always!)

And just remember- spices don’t add fat. Some hot spices, like cayenne, can even burn fat (if you can tolerate them, be careful!).

What are some of your favorite healthy low-FODMAP meals? Leave them in the comments below so I can add them to my list!

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Low-FODMAP Burrito Bowl

A healthy and filling recipe that doesn't skimp on flavor, this burrito bowl is low-FODMAP, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

Course Main Course
Keyword burrito, burrito bowl, burrito bowl recipe, dairy-free, gluten-free, ground turkey, healthy, healthy burrito bowl, healthy burrito bowl recipe, low-FODMAP, low-FODMAP burrito bowl, taco, taco seasoning
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 2 servings


  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 1 pound ground turkey
  • 1 cup brown rice, uncooked see recipe notes
  • 2 tbsp low-FODMAP taco seasoning see post for ideas
  • 1/2 cup diced red pepper
  • 1/2 cup diced cherry tomatoes see low-FODMAP notes in post
  • 1 cup shredded lettuce
  • low-FODMAP taco sauce to top it off
  • 1/4 cup dairy-free sour cream to dollop on top


  1. Cook rice according to package directions. For more information on your options and time allotment, see recipe notes below.

  2. Next, brown the ground turkey. Add the olive oil to a medium-sized skillet over medium-high heat. Season ground turkey with salt and pepper and brown completely.

  3. Once the ground turkey is fully cooked, add the taco seasoning. Stir and cook for about 1 minute to toast the seasoning in the oil. Then add 1/2 cup of water to the mixture. Let cook for about 5 minutes until mixture is saucy but thick.

  4. While the ground turkey is cooking, prepare the vegetables. You can substitute any vegetables that you have on hand or prefer to the ones listed above.

  5. Once the rice and ground turkey are cooked, begin assembling the bowls. Add 1/2-1 cup of rice to the bottom of the bowl. Spoon a generous amount of the ground turkey mixture on top. Add vegetables, leaving the lettuce for the top.

  6. Top with a dollop of sour cream and a drizzle of taco sauce.

Recipe Notes

**Cook time depends on which version of brown rice you use.  Regular brown rice takes about 45 minutes to cook, so plan accordingly.

You may also choose to use one of these other options to make it a quicker weeknight meal: 

  • Use leftover brown rice that has already been cooked.
  • Use the microwave-ready packets that only take 90 seconds.
  • Use Boil-in-a-bag rice which takes about 10 minutes total.
  • Use a bag of frozen rice, which takes about 5 minutes total.
Low-FODMAP Healthy Banana Oat Pancakes

Low-FODMAP Healthy Banana Oat Pancakes

The best way to start off a healthy eating day is to make sure you have a healthy breakfast. These low-FODMAP banana oat pancakes are one of my favorite ways to do that.  When I think of a low-FODMAP healthy breakfast, I don’t always think 

5 Low-FODMAP Healthy Snacks for Those on the Go

5 Low-FODMAP Healthy Snacks for Those on the Go

It’s a new year, and that means low-FODMAP healthy snack options will start us off on the right foot. After all of the holiday indulgence, I’m ready to clean up my diet and get back on track. Having low-FODMAP healthy snacks on hand is one 

Low-FODMAP Green Bean Side Dish

Low-FODMAP Green Bean Side Dish

The holidays are upon us, holiday parties and Christmas dinner are on its way, and these low-FODMAP green beans are the perfect fresh and easy Christmas side dish to add to any main course.  The zest from the lemon brightens up the dish, making it a great compliment to the heavy dishes that hit our holiday tables.

low-FODMAP Christmas side dish

Why choose green beans? Well they’re festive, they’re low-FODMAP in the specified portions, and best of all they are so easy to make. 

When it comes to the holidays, we love to indulge in all of the delicious seasonal food we get once a year.  There is nothing wrong with this, but for those of us with digestive issues, it can really throw us off. These green beans are light and fresh, which your digestive system will definitely thank you for!

low-FODMAP Christmas side dish

This Christmas side dish recipe can be prepped ahead of time and finished off right before dinner. That takes the pressure off of you and makes planning just a little bit simpler. 

Why do you boil them first? 

In the recipe, you’ll notice that you want to cook them in boiling water first and then shock them.

 Why is this important?

 It helps the beans get completely cooked when you finish them off on the stove. Otherwise they wouldn’t be fully cooked and they would end up crunchy.

low-FODMAP green beans

How to Make low-FODMAP Green Beans

To begin with, bring a large pot of water to a boil. I like to use my pasta pot for this to make it a lot simpler. 

Do this step ahead of time. I did it early in the morning and tossed the beans in the fridge. All I needed to do was get them out 10 minutes before we were ready to eat to finish them off. 

Want a shortcut? I used a bag of fresh green beans that is a steamable bag from my local grocery store. I popped them in the microwave for 2 minutes less than the recommended cooking time. Less mess and much easier!

Once the water comes to a boil, salt the water and then drop in the green beans. Let them cook for about 5 minutes. 

Christmas side dish

While they are cooking, get together an ice bath- a bowl of water with ice cubes. Once the green beans have cooked for 5 minutes, drop them in the ice bath for 1 minute.  This will cold-shock them and stop them from cooking.

In a skillet, heat the garlic-infused oil (safe for low-FODMAP but not GERD-friendly).  Add the green beans and season them with salt and pepper. Saute in the skillet for about 5 minutes, until the beans start to get browned on the outside.

Next, add the lemon.  Turn off the heat and add the zest and juice of one lemon.  Mix to combine. This adds a freshness and lightness to the dish, which is definitely needed when you have a heavy holiday meal.  Finish with the chopped and toasted pecans.


It is important to be aware of the quantities of ingredients that are low-FODMAP. Here are the quantities of the ingredients in this low-FODMAP Christmas side dish:

  • Green beans: A low-FODMAP serving size of this food is 15 beans. Larger quantities than this have moderate to high levels of sorbitol.
  • Lemon: A low-FODMAP serving size of this food is 1/2 cup. One lemon only gives off about a tablespoon of lemon juice, so there should be no problems with this recipe.
  • Pecans:  A low-FODMAP serving size of this food is 10 pecan halves. This is consistent with the amount that are in one serving of these green beans.

**All low-FODMAP information was obtained using the Monash University App for the low-FODMAP diet. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing it!!***

low-FODMAP green beans

To Sum It Up

Holidays are a time for festive food that isn’t normally considered light and healthy.  These low-FOMDAP green beans will add a lightness to your Christmas dinner that your stomach will thank you for.  

What other vegetables do you enjoy for your Christmas side dishes?  Leave them in the comments below!

Made this recipe? Post it on Instagram or Facebook and be sure to tag me @navigatingtheallergiclife or #navigatingtheallergiclife


Low-FODMAP Green Bean Side Dish

This side dish is the perfect Christmas side dish for the low-FODMAP sufferer. Crispy green beans paired with a fresh and zesty lemon juice.

Course Side Dish
Keyword christmas, green beans, low-FODMAP
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 4 servings


  • 1 12oz bag green beans
  • 1 tbsp garlic infused olive oil
  • 1 lemon juiced and zested
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp freshly cracked black pepper
  • 1/2 cup toasted pecans


  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Salt the water, then add the green beans.

  2. Cook for 5 minutes in the boiling water. While the green beans are cooking, get an ice bath together.

  3. After the green beans have cooked, plunge them in the ice bath for 1-2 minutes to stop the cooking. At this point, refrigerate until about 10 minutes before you are ready to eat.

  4. In a large skillet, heat the garlic infused olive oil. Add the green beans, salt and pepper. Cook until the beans have browned and are fully cooked to your liking, about 5 minutes.

  5. Once the beans are cooked, turn off the heat. Add the lemon zest and juice and stir to combine. Top with the toasted pecans.

Low-FODMAP Classic Sausage Stuffing

Low-FODMAP Classic Sausage Stuffing

This past weekend you might have seen my posts about our Friendsgiving, which included this low-FODMAP Classic Sausage Stuffing recipe.  I made a double batch of this rich and buttery dish, and were barely any leftovers to be seen! This classic sausage stuffing recipe was